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Class 800

The Class 800 is a bi-mode multiple unit built by Hitachi for Great Western Railway and London North Eastern Railway. They use electric motors for traction, but in addition to operating on track with overhead electric wires, they have diesel generators to enable them to operate on unelectried track.


Photo Eiki Sekine


#10-1674 5Car-Set

Photo courtesy of GWR by Ron Westwater


#10-1671 5Car-Set

Features of Class800

・Equipped with a head connection couplers, possible to combined operation of two trains as prototypical.

・Prototype: GWR-800021 / LNER-800209
・Scale 1/148, Minimum Turning Radius R282mm
・DCC Ready (EM13,FL12)
・Directional LED lighting, head/tail lights / marker lamps are turn on
・The top car equipped with coupler to realize 10 car trains
・Flywheel Motor
・Prototypical Disc-Braked wheels with no traction tires.

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