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about the ice4

About the "ICE"


The image using ICE2

・The「ICE」(InterCity-Express) is the flagship high speed train of the German state railway, Deutsche Bahn. The first ICE trains were the ICE1, operating between Hamburg and Munchen in 1991. This service primarily serviced cities but also was expanded to reach Germany’s neighboring countries.
・These first ICE series trains set the standard for the appearance of later ICE trains with their basic white body and red stripe, the signature colors of the DB.


The prototype that will be released is the latest version which debuted in December 2015, revealed as part of the ICE 25th Anniversary ceremony. Since then it has undergone speed tests and has been approved for operation on the Hamburg-Munchen & Munchen-Stuttgart routes beginning in December 2017. The ICE4 has a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) operating as a 12 car consist.

ICE4 Operation route


The ICE4 branches at Kassel from the Hamburg-Hanover mainline, connecting Munich and Stuttgart. It was designed to replace both the ICE1 and ICE2, a total of 130 trains, and will be the largest fleet in the ICE series.

Additionally, 7 car trains are planned to enter operation after 2020 which will expand the DB’s routes to connect the national boundaries of Europe.




The full length of the lead ICE4 car is 26.6m, longer than most locomotives. The design is typical to past ICE cars, with a basic white body adorned with a red stripe and black window frames.

The curved body lines of the lead car give it a sleek and beautiful appearance.
The engineer’s seat is located in the center of the cab out of consideration for the train crossing national boundaries, and the headlights have a distinct silver housing.


jitensya .jpg

There are many sign details on the ICE body such as car class, car number, seat number or quiet marks. All will be printed on the model.   


Motor car




The bogies (trucks) are different between the motor and trailer cars. The motor car has standard outside bearing bogies, while the trailer cars have inside-bearing bogies that show the full wheel. Of course, these differences will be depicted accurately on the model!

Toward the launch of ICE 4


Beginning with the TGV series, KATO has produced many world famous high speed railway models. This ICE4 train will be the debut of this train in N-scale, having never before been made by any manufacturer. We hope you look forward to all of the fantastic details on this ICE4 model train!

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