ICE 4 – DB BR 412 7-Car Base Set



ICE 4 – DB BR 412 5-Car Add-On Set



・Minimum Turning Radius: R282 (11”)
・Illuminated Head and Tail lights
・Train Number #9010
・Fully printed and detailed with all appropriate markings such as car numbers.
・Motorized cars in both the base and add-on set.
・Comes packaged in a specialized bookcase designed to fit the longer length cars.
・The Japanese version will come in standard KATO Green Bookcase packaging and Japanese instructions.

 The European and export version will be packaged in special bi-lingual English and German packaging.
・Completely new coupler and diaphragm mechanism which is easy to connect.
・Can be illuminated with optional interior lighting kits.

Interior light

All cars will be capable of illumination with optional interior lighting so that modelers can enjoy the molded details of the inner rooms and seats.

All cars will come with pre-installed light reflectors to match the car length. These can be used with the separately sold lighting sets to install interior lighting.
※Different illuminated car shown for reference.

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