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Production Report Vol.1 ICE 4 Prototype Report


At this year’s International Toy Fair in Nürnberg, Germany, we were able to show the first prototype of the new ICE 4 model for the first time.

In this report we will present to you the first detailed pictures of the model.

The ICE 4’s Top Cars


The printing of the black rim around the windows and the characteristic red line is already completed on the top car. The silver lines around the front lights, windshield, the logo, as well as the car numbers will be inserted later.

The top car is recreated with the same bold streamlined curves as the real train. Both head and tail lights are illuminated.

The ICE 4’s Middle Cars


The majority of the train is made up of middle cars without pantographs. A distinctive feature of these electrified cars is the roof at the end of the cars which is also recreated in the model. As a special feature of the train, the diaphragms function as couplers on the model. Coupling and uncoupling is still easy and secure.

The ICE 4’s Middle Cars (with Pantograph)


This picture shows a middle car with pantograph. The roof is a special part where wiring as well as insulators and other small parts on the roof are recreated on the model. Two pantographs are installed on the car, but while driving only the one facing backward is raised.

The Bogies



Motor Car

A very distinctive feature of the train is that the bogies (trucks) are different between the motor and trailer cars. The motor cars have standard outside bearing bogies, while the trailer cars have inside-bearing bogies that show the full wheel.

All the bogies in the model collect power to supply the interior light with electricity.

The video shows a complete ICE 4 train consist running during a demonstration at Nürnberg Toy Fair.

The Basic set and the Add-on set come with one motor car each which ensures a stable ride when running the train with 12 cars.

This article shows only a prototype. The printing is not yet completed.

The prototype may differ from the final product due to the use of existing products and installation of temporary parts.

Please refer to the KATO Model Information for additional information.

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